Monday, June 7, 2010

Praying Mantis Model

Oh guys, if you have been following my blog, you should discovered that this is my second praying mantis blog post. Some may ask on why I do a second praying mantis blog post again. The reason is simple. This wild praying mantis came back to me for a second photo shooting session and what do all good photographers out there would usually do? We will never say no to a keen model.

Of course, the praying mantis had grown and slightly mature than the first photo shooting. Besides that, the color is greener and the sense of confident is stronger. Well, for those who do not feel that way, you can check those old photographs on my previous blog post (Mantodea, Praying Mantis (Family of Mantidae)).

Yes, it will be boring if you just view the recent praying mantis photographs. Because the photograph is already showing vivid green, I decide to apply the RVP-100F (Vivid) picture style to the photograph below for comparison purposes. I found that the picture style has improved the contrast, the edges are sharper than the original and the photograph is a little yellowish.

Neutral (Click to enlarge photograph)

RVP-100F (Vivid) (Click to enlarge photograph)

Ultimately, the good or bad of a photograph is still up to the individual artistic perception. Some may love the Mona Lisa painting and some may not. Feel free to comment on what you think about the RVP-100F (Vivid) picture style created by aR Fel.

For those who would like to download the picture style and try it on their Canon EOS, please download using the link provided below.

Well, follow me and be my followers for any new updates on the picture styles. That's all, folks.

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