Friday, June 18, 2010

Driving in Fog

Driving in and through the fog is a common task for every motorists in New Zealand, especially during the winter season. Well, this is probably the main reason why I have slowed down my blogging. Getting a good photo in a foggy landscape when you can hardly see a distance away is challenging. At least it is very challenging for me to create any artistic or interesting topic for my readers.

In order to show you how devastating the fog is, I have used the monochrome picture style to cancel the colors into a black and white photograph above for better analysis of the fog. It is clear that monochrome picture style does not help much except producing a nostalgia photograph impression.

Can you see the vehicle in front of us on the photograph above? Probably, it is not very clear for you and neither to us when we are travelling along the road that day especially when there isn’t any tail light. Oh, I suppose we could have also missed some cows and sheep mating out there under a curtain of fog.

In order to be safe than sorry, this is how to drive safely in a foggy road condition?

1.) Switch on your headlight
2.) Do not switch the headlight to high beam
3.) Ensure to drive with safe following distance by using 4 seconds rule
4.) Brake carefully and slowly in wet road condition
5.) Reduce speed when necessary
6.) Switch on air condition to prevent fog up on windows

After quite a distance of driving, this is what happens after climbing up the hill and steering away from the fog. Being on the top of the hill, you can see the thick fog covering the valley for hundreds of miles away and I simply took the chance to take a photograph of it to showcase the natural wonder of a thick fog that most would not have seen it here.

Of course, you will certainly notice that the photograph above is a little flat and dull. In order to improve the landscape and produce a better 3 dimensional effects on the photograph, I have applied a Clear Landscape picture style created by Koyama on to the photograph below. Feel free to comment on what you think about the photograph below in comparison of the original photograph above.

For those who would like to download the picture style and try it on their Canon EOS, please download using the link provided below.

Well, follow me and be my followers for any new updates on the picture styles. That's all, folks.

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