Sunday, June 13, 2010

Merging Portrait and Landscape

Let’s just say that you found very beautiful scenery and you decided to take a photograph of it. How many of us have found that our scenery shot is plain and flat? Well, most of us did. Allow me to demonstrate it to you with the photograph above, taken yesterday under the usual New Zealand’s "Rain, rain, go away" scenario of extreme winter weather in Auckland region.

What do you think of the photograph above? That’s the Orewa beach in New Zealand. It is a very magnificent beach view from the hill, but the photograph turns out to flat and boring. How can we improve a landscape photograph? Well, by merging both the portrait and landscape photography technique in having a subject within the frame can creates a much depth full photograph. And this is what happens when you have a subject within a landscape photograph below.

Yes, my good buddy and his wife have done a very great contribution to improve those landscape photographs above. Look at the lovely outcome and romantic impression coming out of the photograph. Don’t you feel that the landscape scenery is no longer a flat and boring background?

Of course, we did more than staying on the hill and looking out at the beach. The photograph above is another example on how to make high contrast waterfall scenery to be more interesting. As you can see, my good buddy took off his leather jacket to pose in color because the place is dark and surrounded by thick trees. I had to open up the aperture and adjust to a high ISO to avoid using the flash for the photograph to be in their most truthful colors.

Since my buddy drove us there with his new Mitsubishi station wagon, how can I decline him with some photographs of his beloved mistress which slaved her way to get us to Orewa beach? Yup, the photograph below with your car is especially dedicated to you for giving us a road trip out of the city dwelling area.

Oh for all my valued canon photographer readers, I have also decided to apply the Japanese magazine style on the photograph above. It gives you a feeling that the photograph is taken for a car magazine in Japan. Is it the “Tokyo Drift”? Not. Probably, we should call it NZ Drift? Not. That’s all folks. Feel free to comment on what you think about the Japanese Picture Style that is created by PhotoTale.

For those who would like to download the picture style and try it on their Canon EOS, please download using the link provided below.

Well, follow me and be my followers for any new updates on the picture styles. That's all, folks.

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