Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lake Rotorua

My stay near Lake Rotorua is amazing. Strolling along the lake circumference is a breathtaking view. The lake was naturally formed by volcanic activity and the surroundings beauty will just blew any tourist’s mind away. Some would ask surely there is more to do than strolling along the lake. Yes, you are right. After all, Lake Rotorua isn’t that boring as it seems.

“Lake Rotorua is the second largest lake in the North Island of New Zealand by surface area, and covers 79.8km2. With a mean depth of only 10 metres it is considerably smaller than nearby Lake Tarawera in terms of volume of water. The lake was formed from the crater of a large volcano in the Taupo Volcanic Zone. Its last major eruption was about 240,000 years ago. After the eruption, the magma chamber underneath the volcano collapsed. The circular depression left behind is the Rotorua Caldera, which is the site of the lake.”

Of course, for those who are dying hard out to get some excitement in their life and generate some enzyme into the blood stream, they should try the kawarau jet in Lake Rotorua. “It all started in 1953 when Sir William Hamilton invented the world renowned Hamilton Jet. Soon after, in the summer of 1960 Kawarau jet was born in Queenstown, becoming the world’s first commercial Jet boat operation.” Well, until someone brought the trend up north to Lake Rotorua.

For those faint hearted out there, probably they would prefer to take a cruise on Lakeland Queen in Lake Rotorua with fine dine cuisine and the cruise to nowhere. With its “purpose built and launched in 1986, the Lakeland Queen has only ever sailed on Lake Rotorua. Built locally, the Lakeland Queen is modelled after the shallow draft, stern driven Mississippi River Boats – making the boat ideal for Lake Rotorua and its shallow lakebed.” You definitely wouldn’t get sea sick as there isn’t any wave to rock this sturdy cruise.

Well, if you are the geotechnical type of person, you might prefer to take the float plane and fly to Mount Tarawera for a volcanic experience in your life with the Otter float plane in the image above. “The DHC-3 Floatplane was purchased in October 2004 and has undergone a major refurbishment, including large scenic windows and it is now configured to accommodate for ten passengers executive seating. The Otter has a very interesting history; it was built in 1954 and served in the Canadian Air Force for many years.” Who would have thought that this plane had came all the way from Canada to down under, New Zealand?

If all the above that is mentioned does not suit you at all, probably you are my type of a person and just do what I usually does in Lake Rotorua. Bird watching and just enjoy the day. Lake Rotorua is a beautiful bird santuary. I have also included a map below for everyone to enjoy this lovely location.

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