Friday, April 30, 2010

Kuirau Park

Did you ever dream of having a thermal pool behind your backyard? Well, I still prefer a Jacuzzi tub instead. After witnessing the aftermath of the earth opening up in this park in 2001, one will be amaze of having an natural explosion at their backyard. You surely need to have a property insurance coverage for natural disaster but most people just did not expect the unexpected to be in their backyard. Who would have thought of that?
Kuirau Park was just a normal park for the residents until 2001. “On Friday 26 January about 3.30 to 3.40 PM NZDT, a muddy hot pool 2.5-3m diameter (Spring 721) burst into eruption, generating the largest hydrothermal eruption in Kuirau Park since 1966. These notes and comments are based on a visit on Friday evening, and again on Monday.

The eruption of blocks and mud was to about 100 metres height and produced a thick carpet of blocks and mud to the east, extending over 120 m from the vent. The eruption was very directional. Very little ejecta is distributed to the west (maybe less than 30 m from the vent). Blocks up to about 1 m diameter were projected over 50 m from the vent, while blocks around 0.1 m or less diameter landed over 100 m away. The crater formed is about 10 - 12 m in diameter.”

Of course, this Kuirau Park was never the same since then. Although the impact of the eruption destroys some of the surrounding plantations in the park, it does display the power of nature and it is still active with steaming water spewing out till today. In fact, some of the minerals are known to be good for the skin according to some skin experts.

By the way, you can also get a feet dip into the free natural thermal foot spa in this Kuirau Park to relax your tired feet and I am not kidding. I have also placed a map of the location below for you.

Scott B.J. (Jan 21, 2001). Science Alert Bulletin ROT-01/01 - Eruption at Kuirau Park, Rotorua. Retrieved on April 30, 2010 from

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