Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Piha Beach

Piha is one of Auckland's most famous west coast black sand beaches which are rich in iron composition due to their volcanic origin. Piha is part of the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park that is a popular spot for swimmers, surfers and sun bathers. Yes, you got to know this west coast black sand beaches beauty to be an Aucklander.

Guess most of us have seen Baywatch drama series from some time or other in your life, imagining voluptuous babes in tight skimpy red swimming suit that came to your rescue in California. If you have not seen them before, probably I should enlighten you with an image below.

Alright, maybe I got your attention now. So have anyone seen our backyard Piha Rescue reality series that had been produced right on the west coast beach in Auckland? Piha Rescue is a reality series following the daily actions of the Piha Surf Life Saving Club lifeguards on the famous Piha beach. Piha is one of the most rugged West Coast beaches near Auckland, NZ.

 Piha Rescue started its lifespan with filming commencing for the first time in the summer of 2001, followed by a one hour documentary airing December 2002 (aired as Piha Patrol); making it the first reality show in the world following lifeguards. From this, the well known Piha Rescue series has taken off; having produced and aired 5 series thus far. The current total number of episodes screened is 58 (as at 2008).

Piha Rescue screens in New Zealand on TVNZ (Television New Zealand) and has been sold around the world entitled ‘Deadly Surf’ and ‘Surf Rescue’.

The image above displays the “Lion Rock, an eroded volcanic neck named for its similarity to a lying male lion when viewed from the rear (shore side), is a natural formation dividing North and South Piha beaches. Lion Rock is immediately visible to visitors as they descend along the only access road.”

An nostalgia aerial photo below bringing an forgotten look to this booming beach.

After I have posted a map of the location, I realised that you might be eagerly waiting to get your feet wet and I find that my Piha photos of the beach might look deceivingly safe. Before you actually get your swim wear ready, please remember to swim within the life guard boundary and remember that the surfs in Piha can be a treacherous and notorious killer.


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