Friday, May 7, 2010

Ostrich Mayhem

Sir, I am ringing 111 for assistances. I am being attacked and this is the criminal that is attempting to assault my Canon DSLR camera. As I lodge my report, I have already taken the culprit’s front and side photo of his facial appearance for archiving into the criminal record database. The criminal can be extremely violent at times and will attempt to use its strong beak as a weapon. Please be advised to pursue with caution.

It is amazing to find ostriches in New Zealand as they are not native birds of this country. “The Ostrich, Struthio camelus, is a large flightless bird native to Africa. It is the only living species of its family, Struthionidae and its genus, Struthio. Ostriches share the order Struthioniformes with the kiwis, Emus, and other ratites.” That sounds reasonable. Probably, they are on a visitor permit to meet their distant relative, the kiwi.

Well, some may ask, what is manufactured using ostrich? Besides being the biggest bird on land, ostrich feathers/plumes are “ideal for weddings, floral arrangements, balls and decoration”. We can use ostrich feather as an anti-static feather dusters “for dusting all electronics or general housework”. We can consume ostrich eggs for your big breakfast omelette and utilise the ostrich eggs shells “for painting, carving, decorating or as an arrangement on your coffee table”. Some may be surpised to know that we can use ostrich leather for bags and oil products for “its natural healing properties”. Nothing is wasted from such a big bird, we also can consume ostrich meat too.

God! No wonder, they are not very friendly when they are looking at me. I am their natural predator in this world. Lucky for those ostrich, I am shooting them today. Not with a rifle, I am only armed with a Canon EOS 550D camera instead. Maybe that is the reason why I am assaulted by them, none was hurt in the photo shooting session and that includes those angry ostriches on the set.

Luckily, nothing is broken too. Sir, I will drop any charges against these ostriches for now. I hope my valued readers enjoy those photos. Certainly, the ladies are a lot friendlier.

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ohmywtf said...

lol...tat ostrich sure did not look happy... :-P

Dewi Batrishya said...

I'm afraid of ostriches.. :'(

Glo-w~* said...

aw...i heard u can even ride them! ^^

fiona06 said...

the ostrich looks scary! The ostrich I took pics with were nice, friendly AND vain :P

Kelvin said...

He is fighting for his image copyrights XD

Lean said...

Dropping by ere. =)

Kia Tang said...

@ohmywtf: Yea, they ain't very happy at all.

@Dewi: Well, I'm not afraid of them but more cautious about my camera lense. I think the self-reflection on the lense attracts them. Wahaha...

@Glo-w: Yes, you can ride them. I prefer not. They smell.

@fiona06: Lucky for you.

@Kelvin: Yah... I should had made the ostriches to sign the model release form. You might be right about their copyrights.

@Lean: Thanks for dropping by. Stay tune for more magical colours of photography from down under.

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Hilda Milda said...

so cuteeeee! i bet it can't spot me if I'm standing beside it cause i'm way shorter than it lol

Kia Tang said...

@Hilda: I think they will still notice you since they have a bird eye view.

Lukey Cher Hong said...

hmm wonder how you can make them stick their head into a hole

Kia Tang said...

@Lukey: Probably, scare the day light out of the ostriches and take your chances. Probably, they hide their head in a hole or they charge and run you down. ;op

KwOnG FeI said...

aiyo u should have kill them and taste their meat~~

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