Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cattle Confusion

Who says cow should be having black or brown spots on a white background design? Oh well, you should know what I mean and what I am trying to describe here. It is still the fundamental impression of a cow when we were young. Or should we say that was how we were taught in school? Remember that commercial advertisement about the Fernleaf milk powder which always broadcast in Singapore when we were young? Remember about the commercial showcasing a herd of black or brown spotted cows from New Zealand? While, of course, not to forget about their amazing comparison of the cow’s population against the population of Singapore? In fact, I still think the cow’s population statistic is true fact, even as Singapore is making its mark towards 6 millions in a tiny island.

What is not true? New Zealand does not only have cows in black or brown spots on a white background design. I have seen so many cows in New Zealand and they come in all shape, size and colors. Talk about avoiding being cow racist here. The cows can be big, fat, short, tall, white, brown, black, hybrid black with white and hybrid brown with white. Certainly, we are not having cow discrimination over here either.

But wait, a hairy cow? Well, you might already see the photographs of our hairy subject in this post. This is the hairy cow that I am talking about, it has startled me. It has astonished me completely and I just yelled out loud in the farm. Oh my god! Oh my god! A hairy cow can be so cute and so stylish. Provided that I can gel him out for a hot date, as I thought to myself. Maybe L’Oreal will be interested in him as the hairy cow turned around while doing its cow modeling walk towards me. Cow model? Surely, this is not what cows are raised for as I laughed. “Cattle are raised as livestock for meat (beef and veal), as dairy animals for milk and other dairy products, and as draft animals (pulling carts, plows and the like). Other products include leather and dung for manure or fuel.”

Guess I just wanted to share these photos out for educational purpose. The lesson learnt today, there are hairy cows out there. They are the “highland cattle or kyloe are an ancient Scottish breed of beef cattle with long horns and long wavy pelts which are coloured black, brindled, red, yellow or dun. The breed developed in the Scottish Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland. Breeding stock has been exported to the rest of the world, especially Australia and North America, since the early 20th Century.”

For those curious ones that wishes to view these fold of highland catties in New Zealand, check out the site below for a list farmers that might help you.

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ohmywtf said...

lol..the hairy cow looks like he is coming to "dieu" u...

Kelvin said...

Singapore is going to sink soon XD

Kia Tang said...

@ohmywtf: Wahaha, I hope not. It is very tame.

@Kelvin: Singapore? It is already sinking as we are speaking, a new brick is laid to build another storey on a flat. ;op

LEon said...

Nice shot on the cow. You never get closer to take close shot?

Kia Tang said...

@LEon: Wahaha... Any closer, will be cropped photo of the highland cattle. I don't want to get run down by a highland cattle with my camera.

erwinator said...

that cow needs a hair cut X-D. cute

Kia Tang said...

@erwinator: Yup, looks like a pretty sloppy cattle, mate.

Lean said...

Dropping by ere

Glo-w~* said...

lols...for a moment there i thought i was looking at yaks^^

SonnyKazu said...

I thought you were bull-fighting! :D

Kia Tang said...

@Lean: Thanks for dropping by.

@Glo-w: Well, it ain't a yak but a highland cattle. They do have similarity.

@SonnyKazu: Wahaha... I wasn't that brave to face him head on.

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