Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rubber Duck Picture Story - Beginning of Ducky

Ducky: Hi! My name is Ducky. How are you?

Ducky: Good, I hear that you are a photographer.

Ducky: I am actually planning to take a bath today.

Ducky: Follow me! I will show you my roman bath tub.

Ducky: Oops, I forgot that my bath tub is smaller than I imagine.

Ducky: Although you cannot join me in this tub, you can watch me.

Ducky: Ah... I am enjoying myself here. Even the pigeons are here.

Ducky: The water in this roman bath tub is warm.

Ducky: You can see that I am enjoying myself alot. "Ring ring..."

Ducky: Hello? Oh. It is you, Wally. Are you coming to pick me up today?
Wally: Yeah, right.

Wally: Hey, Ducky! Are you gaining weight?
Ducky: Nope, remember that I am made out of rubber and air?

Wally: Yeah, right.
Ducky: I think I missed something.

Wally: What? What did you forgotten?
Ducky: I forgotten to tell the photographer that we are going home.

Wally: Oh. I better head back and you can inform him.
Ducky: You better be quick, mate.

~Ducky wanders off Wally~
Ducky: Just a few more inches. Hi, photographer. I am going home. See you tomorrow.

Wally: What is taking him so long? It is getting late for us to be back to our usual location in the bath room.

Ducky: I am back. You miss me? I am your best mate in this room.
Wally: Yeah, right. If only I got a choice.

Wally: We better be back to our places. The owner will be back soon.
Ducky: Don't worry, mate. Just remember to duck for covers if it happen.

Wally: Ducky? I am a soap dish and you are owners play toy in the big tub.
Ducky: I know. You cannot duck for covers because you are made of porcelain and you might break.

Ducky: Don't worry, we are almost there. Just a couple of inches, mate.
Wally: I am moving my porcelain weight as fast as I can.

Wally: It is getting late, mate.
Ducky: Yes, it is getting darker but we will get there.

**If the comment responses are good, the story will continue. ;op

Character Glossary
Ducky is a rubber duck. A rubber duck "is a toy shaped like a duck, and is generally yellow. It may be made of rubber or rubber-like material such as vinyl plastic (which is more often used). The yellow rubber duck has achieved an iconic status in American pop culture and is often symbolically linked to bathing".

Wally is a whale like soap dish. A soap dish "is a dish designed to hold a bar of soap. The slipperiness of soap when wet can make it difficult to keep a bar of soap in one place on a flat surface, such as the side of a bathtub or washbasin, where soap is required for washing; it is for this reason that soap dishes are used".

Wikipedia. (n.d.). Rubber Duck. Retrieved March 24, 2010, from

Wikipedia. (n.d.) Soap Dish. Retrieved March 24, 2010, from

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Well... I think so.

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