Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rosa, Rose (Family of Rosaceae)

Rose, the modern symbolization of “Love” and that is what most women think of or at least regard it as an appreciation of her. Well. In general, rose is not just meant for that. Rose can be tea and other edible form. Personally, I do not know who actually came up with the idea to market the rose idea to the women as a symbol of “Love”. Maybe, it is Mr Valentino. At least, I believe that in his era, rose should be bountiful due to its edibility. Rose might just be another cheap flower until now, just like diamond is now.

The photo above is a Peace rose. The rose is a type of hybrid tea rose plantation with large flowers and a light yellow to cream color.

The above photo is a Dublin Bay rose. The rose is a climber type of rose plantation that never stop blooming with flowers. "Dublin Bay climbing rose was voted New Zealands rose of the year in 1993". "'Dublin Bay' is an upright and vigorous climber, growing to about 9-12 feet, depending on the climate. Warmer cllimates will make this rose grow taller."

The photo above is a Tequila Sunrise rose. The rose is a hybrid tea rose plantation with perfectly shaped scarlet/gold buds, opening to yellow edged with red outline.

More photos for rose lover!

For more detail information about roses, please refer to the links below:

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