Monday, March 29, 2010

How to submit Blogger RSS to Google Webmaster Tools as Sitemap

I have decided to actually submit my a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools today. Although, this got nothing to do with photography on this blog but I have decided to post it up to help others.

To be honest, this should be really easy for me to perform the task but to my surprise, it is not that easy at all. I have a few tries and errors. Eventually, I found out the answer to the current blogger issue.

For people who normally use these method below, it will NOT WORK with Google Webmaster Tool anymore.




The image on the top of the page displays the status error for those who uses the conventional approach in adding their sitemap using the XML file from Blogger.

Because Blogger and Google Webmaster Tool will always update their system in either importing or exporting the XML as a Sitemap, I decide to do some research on Google. I found a lot of technique from other sites and have prove to be out of date.

The method shown below here will definitely work for you until their next update from 29/03/2009.



 If it does not work for you, it will means that you have some feeds settings that are different from the default such as feeds redirection and etc.

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