Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monopod is the ideal digital compact camera photographer solution for traveller

Ever wonder how did some people manage to take a photo of themselves? Well, usually we  have a couple of choices out there.

  1. Extend our hand as far as possible to take photo with half of the face occupying the photo.

  2. Ask a stranger to actually help us to take a good photo of ourselves and trust the stranger's photography skill.

  3. Mount the camera on a tripod, set the camera shot on a timer and make a quick dash into the picture.

But these methods have a number of side effects, mostly are usually too time consuming and you will just miss the precise moment of a great photo. Beside that, what if the places that you are visiting is not a tourist attraction and there is nobody at the spot to assist you. Or the helpful stranger is unfamiliar with your type of camera and took an unfocused photo of you.

I was curious about it for quite some time until I manage to find a tourist which actually uses an unique stick designed to hold any small digital compact camera in place just like the image above. I decided to ask the tourist about it and I am going the share the name of the item to everyone. It is a product call XShot and usually photographers call it as a monopod. It is a simple solution to every digital compact camera photographer out there.

So I began to do some research on the XShot product, I find that it is a lightweight, extendable and retractable stick. It has the standard screw mount for the digital compact camera. Most importantly, it is very easy to carry out with you to capture the picture perfect moment without any hassle at all.

Well, there are also a lot of other possibilities in using the XShot with your digital compact camera. As I observed the tourist using it, I came up with a few ideas and scenarios on using the useful XShot too.

Some of the XShot utilization ideas are to:

  1. Use the XShot with the camera to reach out on certain angle or direction which the photographer is unable to reach. For example, you are on a cliff but you want to take a picture of another angle where you cannot obtain a good footing to stand on.

  2. Use the XShot with the camera to protude out of a crowd of people in a concert where people in the vicinity are blocking you from taking a good photo of your idol.

  3. Use the XShot with the camera to extend out into a hole to capture the moment of an animal. For example, you found a hole entrance for snake or rabbit would be and you want to extend the reachability to the animal.
Of course, for all my value readers. There is the Limited Time Offer from XShot to purchase it from the link provided below.

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