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Canon Standard Picture Style and Extended Picture Style

Canon has always provided us in "selecting a Picture Style just as you would choose a film type." The basic Picture Style embedded in most DSLR are; Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful and Monochrome. What do we know about these Picture Style?

Before we begin the exploration on what Picture Style do to our photo, I will have to use a default photo and make a comparison of each Picture Style actually does to the photo. We will use the photo below as the original photo for comparison.
As we continue on with the comparison right image will the original photo and the left image will be the Picture Style pocessed image.

Picture Style - Standard, "is set to produce the vivid colors and contrast level that people tend to prefer for general photographic subjects." You can see that the color of contrast with the bright orangeness and yellowness of the cornfield in the photo.

Picture Style Preset
Sharpness: Slightly High
Contrast: -
Saturation: Slightly High
Color tone: -

Picture Style - Portrait, "adjusts the color tone magenta-to-yellow close to red range and adds brightness. Skin color is reproduced light pink with still the correct exposure." You can see the cornfield being pinkish and the sky is a bit magenta, cause this effect is meant for human skin in a portrait photo.

Picture Style Preset
Sharpness: Slightly Low
Contrast: -
Saturation: Slightly High
Color tone: -

Picture Style - Landscape, "changes the color respectively; blue to a vivid and deep color, green to a vivid and bright color." You can see the sky being a bit bluish and the corn leaves are greener.

Picture Style Preset
Sharpness: High
Contrast: High
Saturation: High Green-Blue
Color tone: -

Picture Style - Neutral, "is suitable for expressing subtle nuances within vivid colors, even for objects with considerable contrast, when wishing to convey delicate textures." The photo seems to be a little dull in color with lower contrast and saturation on colors. This style is usually used for capturing texture detail.

Picture Style Preset
Sharpness: -
Contrast: Low
Saturation: Low
Color tone: -

Picture Style - Faithful, "enables reproduction of images that are colorimetrically almost identical to the actual colors shot under standard daylight conditions." There is a disappearance of rich colors from the cornfield. This style is used commonly for precise color concept from a human eye. This is quite true when the sun is block by the clouds above me.

Picture Style Preset
Sharpness: -
Contrast: Low
Saturation: -
Color tone: -

Picture Style - Monochrome, "is a means of boldly expressing form, light and shadow." No need for any explaination, this style is meant to capture black and white photo. The style actually set a lock to the photo and you can interprete the photo as old archive from history books.

Picture Style Preset
Sharpness: Slightly High
Contrast: -
Saturation: -
Color tone: -

Extended Picture Style
Great news for all Canon supporter! With Canon decided to extend their Picture Style in our DSLR camera in multiple channels. Indeed, they did not let us down. The Extended Picture Style can be in our EOS Utility, Digital Photo Professional, ZoomBrowser EX/ImageBrowser. That means that the Extended Picture Style files can either be updated into their camera or on the computer.

Keep on reading, mates! I will provide the link on where or how to update the beloved camera while we understand more about these Extended Picture Style.

Studio Portrait
Picture Style - Studio Portrait, "expresses the delicate features of the subject and translucent skin in smooth tones. Suitable for portraits in locations affording strong contrast, and wedding/fashion shoots where the feel of the fabric and jewelry should be expressed, as well as advertising shots." The photo actually obtain a calmer colors with higher contrast to bring attention to the front part of the cornfield. The style is commonly apply to photo that is taken in the studio so that it can bring out more contrast to blinking accessories on the person.

Snapshot Portrait
Picture Style - Snapshot, "expresses translucent skin with well-modulated contrast irrespective of whether the shots are taken indoors or out, making it suitable for casual portraits." The colors of the photo became neutral with a feel of abit pinkish. The style will perform better when applied to a human subject in the photo.

Picture Style - Nostalgia, "sets the color tone umber in the whole, reduces blue and green saturation." The photo appears to look like a distance dream when you are asleep. The style actually takes out the orange and blue from the photo.

Picture Style - Clear, "emphasizes the contrast, and expresses the subject clearly and a three-dimensional effect." The high contrast of the photo displays an effect that you are standing in front of the cornfield now. The style is useful when you are taking a picture of a small object where is background is flat. A photo with a plane flying in a blue sky is perfect for this style.

Picture Style - Twilight, "changes the sky's color in purple drastically, and finishes up the overall photograph in fantasy." The photo obtain more of purple and green color with this style. This is style is typically apply on photos taken before or after the sun rise and sun set to bring out a proper color on the photos.

Picture Style - Emerald, "expresses color of sea in coral reef especially vividly." You can see that the blue sky is richer in color and the cloud obtain a better contrast, while the orange color seems to be redish. The style is suitable when you are taking photo of the coast or shore where the blue water is mainly overwhelm the photo.

Autumn Hues
Picture Style - Autumn Hues, "stands out the beauty of autumn such as red maple leaves and maidenhair trees." The photo actually balanced the red, orange, green and blue colors. This shows the texture detail of the photo and causes the viewer to focus on the entire photo. The style is meant to display autumn beauty of a photo and balance the color of the entire photo.

Download the Extended Picture Style
Guess most of you will dying to know where are those Extended Picture Style files. Those files can be downloaded from the Canon official website link below.


How to use the Picture Style file
I suppose not everyone will know how to use the Picture Style files after their download. Of course, there should be a manual some where. Alright, this is the official manual on how to use the Picture Style file is from our trusted Canon link below.

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