Saturday, July 10, 2010

Viewing the brightest star in the universe

Sorry, I have been busy lately. I will always keep this blog going with photographs and some photography related articles. I just have to juggle my time between everything. Oh, oh. Do you love the sun? I do miss the sun alot during the winter season and this is the photo on my desktop to cheer my day.

The warm orange and yellow colour emitting from the sun is really a fabulous sight. Of course, I will not advise anyone to stare at the sun. Staring at the sun will cause permanent blindness and it is not worth it. The world is too beautiful for anyone to be blind, but you can certainly enjoy the beauty of the sun by taking a photograph of it.

How to take a photograph of the sun with the safety for eye?

1.) Do not view the sun through the camera view finder
2.) Switch on your camera LED monitor
3.) View the live image of the sun on the camera LED monitor
4.) Adjust your camera and snap
5.) Review the photograph on the LED monitor because occasionally you might get sun spot on the photograph due to the UV filter and wide or telephoto lenses. If you found any, try to retake them again by adjusting your angle and alignment towards the sun.

Well, if you got all the correct steps; right. You will get a star light pattern on the sun. You can also increase the ISO to get a longer star light burst.

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