Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Omaha Beach

Omaha is currently a striving town. It has an excellent beach that is catering hundreds of aucklanders each weekend. Don’t get confuse with the D-day landing zone in France, this is the southern hemisphere Omaha beach on the north island of New Zealand. It is a rural escape and a beach paradise for northern aucklanders. No wonder, everyone is invading this Omaha Beach now. Currently, it is a R-day or the Rich-day landing zone in New Zealand for the rich.
What is so fascinating about the Omaha beach? It is the calm sea, beautiful scenery and beach that everyone is so eager to build their holiday baches around. Well, believe it or not. You can click on the top image above to enlarge the panorama view of the beach to have a feel of the surrounding.

Is this a lifestyle or luxury? Most of the baches are usually over a million and the kiwis are stretching their banks to enjoy life. Of course, what’s your answer? ;o)

To find out more about Omaha in New Zealand check out the link here (http://www.omahabeach.co.nz/). As usual, I will also provide the map location of the area below.

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