Monday, August 23, 2010

Why applying high contrast on flat photograph?

Most telephoto shooting in cloudy and hazy conditions tends to result in flat expression. The above photograph provides a flat expression due to inappropriate lighting condition that day, hence creating a depth less image. Usually, most photographers will just discard the photograph and move on. But what if you can revitalise the flat photograph into life by giving a high contrast style which can look like an oil painting? This is what I have done to it below.

By applying the “Clear” picture style, I have emphasized the contrast, and expressed the subject clearly and provided a three-dimensional effect on top of it. It recreated the photograph like an oil painting, thus adding the warm feeling to captivate the viewer with a three-dimensional effect of you being actually standing there.

Of course, to all my valued readers out there, you can download the “Clear” picture style from the link here and try it out yourself. The trick is to keep on experimenting with your photograph to find the feel. Isn't it romantic to sit under a large tree on top of Mount Wellington, Auckland? ;op

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